Disappearing 9-patch

Disappearing 9-patch by VikkiLovesTea

I’m currently working on this quilt for Steve. It’s my first attempt at doing a more masculine quilt. My first ever quilt, which is the Momo one on my Flickr stream, just looks silly/adorable with a grown man hiding underneath it. Okay, so helicopters aren’t very manly over the age of 5 but it’s Echino, so how can you argue? I’ve just noticed there are about three different Echino prints hidden away in here, I hope he appreciates that some of my favourite fabrics have found their way in to his quilt!

My only problem is what to do for the quilt back. I’ve got a few different blue fabrics that I could use, I just don’t know how to arrange them.

Since I’ve only just started this blog I haven’t had a chance to write about the process from the start but in the future I’ll try and avoid only showing the end product.


2 thoughts on “Disappearing 9-patch

    • Thanks Sarah! I’ve not really had any quilters apart from my Mum and sister-in-law take a look at my quilts so it’s great to get feedback from someone who isn’t legally obliged to be nice.

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