Recent fabric additions

I’ve probably ordered a bit too much fabric this month but that’s not really a bad thing, and who needs to go food shopping anyway?

First there’s my monthly Pink Chalk solid’s club half yard bundle delivery. This month’s was so gorgeous that it’s still sitting on my dining table/sewing HQ. I’m hoping to make my first completely solid quilt with this set, which means I’m searching the crafting blogosphere for inspiration.

I got the below package from Fabricworm. There’s a yard each of two Anna Maria Horner voiles, and then a half yard of some Joel Dewberry Aviery and a Laurie Wisbrun Tufted Tweet. I won some remnants of Tufted Tweets last year from Hawthorne Threads, and have been adding them to various projects, but I really wanted some more of the sofas because I would kick myself if they went out of print before I could stock up.

Finally, I completely fell in love with Sarah Waterhouse’s hand printed brolly fabric. I think this fat quarter may be destined for either a purse or a cushion. I was looking for some hand printed fabric from the UK, since I felt somewhat guilty going on the above fabric splurge from US websites. Plus birds and umbrellas are so very cute! Once my pay goes in at the end of the month I may be tempted to pick up her birdcage fabric.


6 thoughts on “Recent fabric additions

    • That’s such a hard question! They’ve been sitting there staring at me for a week or son. I’m half tempted by a solid half square triangle quilt. I’ll have to keep an eye on your blog to see what you do with yours.

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by. I’m quite sad I’ve only got a fat quarter of the brollies, but they’re a bit pricey so I couldn’t justify buying anymore…well just yet anyway.

      I’m really glad I joined the Brit Quilt group. I’m enjoying slowly working my way through all you fantastic British quilters!

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