Mug Rug!

I’ve never tried making a mug rug before so this was a bit of an experiment. I just wanted to use up some scraps of my favourite fabrics (green polka dots and some Heather Ross moons) and try and improve my ability to match up squares.

I initially cut out enough fabric for 3 rows of 2x2inch squares.

It wasn’t big enough once I sewed the squares together, so I added an extra row.

After that I could quilt it all together. It’s not shown here, but the backing is the green polka dot from Amy Butler’s Lotus range.

The binding was definitely too big and lumpy. My biggest problem with binding is always my inability to remove the lumpy bumpiness of it! It’s just not as obvious in a large quilt as it is in a litte mug rug. That’s definitely my next goal.

My other half now wants a matching one for in blue and grey, which luckily I have a lot of! So hopefully I’ll be able to learn from my mistakes for the next one, which I may try and put together at the weekend. Though doing the mug rug has made me want to make a mini quilt next. I have the Whip Up Mini Quilts book so I think I’ll have to have a serious look through to help me think of an idea.


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