Memory Star

I’ve gotten really in to piecing squares together. I love the feeling of finishing a project, and each individual square feels like its own project.


My favourite turned out to be this memory star. It did go a bit wonky in the end, I ended up losing patience with the teeny tinyness of the square, and the fiddly HST blocks, that I couldn’t face going back to it to unpick and resew. I may go back to it before sewing the squares together to make a sampler quilt top.


I then got carried away and thought “oh, I’d love a larger version of this for a cushion”. That would be a lovely idea, but if had I thought it through when I was a bit more awake and capable of doing the maths properly.



To get a better idea of the size, I’ve taken a picture of the dining table/sewing HQ  from a distance


Yeah, a bit too big for my cushion inners from IKEA. So it looks like something else might other than a cushion be in the future for this giant memory star when finished. Either a mini quilt, or maybe with a few borders added to it there could be a lap quilt.


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