A Lack of Focus?

Fresh Sewing Day



Here are some of my projects from this month. I’ve blogged about a few of them already but some are from the start of the month.

The Kitchen Windows quilt was finished at the the start of the month. The pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman’s book and it was so straightforward. It’s definitely a pattern that I will use again if I need to make a quilt as a present. The quilting is just straight lines.

The bag was made using a Jenna Lou pattern. It’s probably the third time I’ve made this bag and I love love love the pattern. I made this bag for a friend, and she was very happy with the result.

There are also a couple of un-blogged works in progress in the above mosaic. The English paper piecing probably has a few more hexies until it’s complete, and I’m not sure what to make of it once it’s finished. Probably another cushion, which is what I’ve done in the past with my hexies. The picture on the top left corner is from my quilting as you go quilt, which seems to be a long term project. It would probably have been completed if I concentrated on just that all month, but as you can see I lack focus and change projects constantly.


5 thoughts on “A Lack of Focus?

  1. It seems like there is a color theme in your projects, even if you don’t focus on one exclusively. I think it’s good to mix them up–that way you don’t get bored! I love how you are using HSTs with the Ruby Star Rising tea cups.

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