Purse Frames

I’ve spent the weekend having fun trying to really figure out purse frames. I’ve been using the tutorial from U-Handbag and dealing with the stink of glue in my flat. I think I may be getting there. To celebrate, I’ve ordered some more pretty frames from 3D Pattern Paper and some zips from Ebay. I’m definitely nowhere near perfecting the use of these frames, but I’m enjoying the process of getting there.

The first purse turned out okay…eventually. I originally made it far too big and had to cut it down once I had sewn it all together and found out it just wouldn’t fit in the frame. I’m not sure what happened there! Unfortunately I had already sewn in a zip pocket, so that ended up almost at the bottom of the final purse.

But at least it’s large enough inside for all the random things I insist on carrying inside my purse.

The second purse was made using a much bigger frame, and I wanted to see if I should make it much less puffy. The answer is definitely not to this extent! I also wanted to make a plainer purse I could use to as a clutch for going to weddings or other such fancy schmancy events where you don’t want to clash with a super colourful purse. To keep it interesting though, I sewed on a green ribbon I had lying around.

I need to copy the pattern I put together for this second purse and make the angle a bit bigger so I don’t make the same mistake next time. It needs much more width towards the bottom.

Other than that, I’m happy enough with it for now. I was too impatient with the zip as I wanted to make it NOW and not when I went to the shops for a matching green zip. Yes it was very bad of me, I must learn patience.

I think the perfect “puffyness” is somewhere between these two purses. Luckily I’ve just spent some money ordering around 10 more purse frames! Ooh it’s addictive.


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