Post and WiP

I’ve had some very pretty post this week. Not only did I get a nice half yard of essex linen, I also received my June solid’s club delivery and a bag of loot  zips! So I’m very happy with my haul so far, but what’s better is that I’ve got a load of buttons and purse frames still to come, plus goodies from u-handbag!

I’ve also attempted making my first bag, as in not relying on someone else’s pattern. I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

For the base I used the same construction method from Jenna Lou’s Amy Bag. I made it longer, and reduced the width a little. I also made the band of coordinating fabric at the top bigger as well, and made the gusset a bit bigger. I made myself my first Amy Tote over a year ago and I’m still using it today, so I knew what I wanted to change to make it perfect for what I need. I then changed the bag straps so they would be adjustable length, and also made them much longer so I can sling it across me. The final change was my first ever attempt at a concealed top edge zip, using the directions given in Lisa Lam’s amazing The Bag Making Bible. As you can see, the bag isn’t finished just yet. Part of my U-Handbag haul is a slider, which is all I need to be able to finish the strap.

From this “prototype” I’ve learned a couple of things. Firstly, I must remember my pocket when I’m making the lining, or I’ll only think about it when it’s all sewn together and will have to try and maneuver my way around making a patch pocket instead of the zip pocket I wanted. Secondly that I need to place the concealed zip a bit lower down and make it a bit wider. Finally, that making things up as you go along, and using what you’ve learned from making other bags, is lots of fun!


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