More purses

I spent yesterday indulging in my latest obsession – purse frames. I managed to smooth out a few kinks in my technique (there are two other frames I made yesterday that went a bit wrong so I’m not going to torture you with them) and ended up with two quite pretty purses. I think the Joel Dewberry one will be part of a birthday present for a friend, and the Nani Iro one will be all mine!



They both have a little zip pocket in the inside, I like to keep loose change or my phone in them usually.


I’m also in the process of making an Echino purse. I had to stop because it was getting late, and then my asthma kicked off, and sewing/gluing is not really the best friend of asthma. The green polka dot is going to be the lining.



I’m still waiting for my haul of purse frames from Etsy, I hope they arrive soon as I’m getting very addicted!


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