Summer projects

I’ve been given my partner for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap and I’ve started cutting out hexies using the selection below. My partner requested something specific for the pouch, but seemed easy with regards to colour and designer. The amount of room for manoeuvre that I have is a bit scary, so I hope my choices are okay!

The Summer Sampler Quilt Along is now happening and here is my first block.

I have a stack of yellow and green fabrics for the sampler, and I’m considering making two of each square but I’ll decide once I try the more complicated squares later in the series.

I’ve still not gotten on with my friend’s quilt for her wedding present, instead I decided to put together a mini quilt for my niece as my brother’s family is moving home so she’ll be getting a much bigger room. She’s only 9 months old so I wanted something baby friendly but also something she’ll hopefully still like as a 5 year old one day.
And here are close ups of each section
I had so many stupid little mistakes in the mini quilt. I designed it over a glass of gin. Never try figure out measurements when you’re drinking gin! So it didn’t meet up properly as the width was too short my half an inch, hence why the border around each central piece is wider on the sides than on the top and bottom. Then I had to unpick it again when my sister in law said she preferred the central pieces in a different order. Then I tried to quilt it on my mum’s mid-arm quilting frame, since I thought it would be neater, but then it kept going wrong so I had to give up on that idea (turned out the machine just needing an oiling). So the above mini quilt has been a pain, and it’s not finished yet as it needs quilting still, but I am quite fond of it.

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