Well my pretty {little} pouch swap item is now complete. I’ve added a wooden button since taking this photo.

My partner requested a pouch for a specific purpose, so this is what it does. I’ve tested it so it should fit. I’m being cryptic on purpose on the off chance that my partner reads this! It took awhile to put together, with the hand stitching and the hexies (they’re underneath the flap), but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I especially love some of the solids I used. A few of them came from this month’s Pink Chalk Solids Club and they’re so rich when you see them in person. I think I may make a solid quilt from them. Yes yes I know I keep saying that and chickening out, but right now I’ve got so many solids that it really is necessary.

I’ve also been getting on with the summer quilt along I first mentioned a couple of posts back.

The quilt along is making me want to pick up the book that inspired the series.

My plan for the weekend is to finish quilting my niece’s wall hanging and get on with my friend’s wedding quilt. Unfortunately I’ve got a bad head today (curse you beer for making me this way!) so I won’t be able to start thinking about using the sewing machine until at least this evening.


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