HST Quilt

Yet again I’ve decided to start a new quilt instead of finishing the huge pile clogging up my sewing area. So this is me declaring I will not start a new project until at least one of my in progress projects finishes. I really must stop starting new projects. This new project is an attempt to use one of the solids bundles from the Pink Chalk Solid’s Club. I also thought it would be nifty to make a whole quilt out of random HSTs – inspired by this beauty. I’m sure it will make a lovely small lap quilt at the end of the project, but there are a lot of seams to press until that day!

I think I must be about half way through with the quilt. I have this many squares done

…and this many HSTs still to press and sew

I’m also running behind on the Summer Sampler Series QAL so there is nothing to update on that for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up next week and not get horribly left behind on that.

In more positive news, my pretty {little} pouch swap item has been shipped off to my partner and now I just have to sit tight and hope it arrives in one piece, as well as wait for my own pouch! This is my first swap and I’m loving the whole experience so far. It’s also a wonderful feeling getting your partner commenting on the pouch you’ve made for them, and them loving it. Yes! Now just to hope that she loves it in person.


3 thoughts on “HST Quilt

  1. Hi these look fab. I just got a FQ bundle of aqua solids at Festival of Quilts and might try something like this. I love making half square triangles, I’m just not such big fan of trimming!
    (I found your blog through Brit quilt and have added it to my goggle reader so hopefully that means I will get updates)

  2. Thank you! I completely agree, the trimming of the half square triangles is such a chore. It’s got to be in my top 10 list of sewing irritants.

    Also, Brit Quilt is brilliant isn’t it! I’m finding so many blogs to add to my reading list through them. I’ll definitely be adding yours.

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