Must not start any new projects…

Oops. I’ve gone and started new projects again! I really must stop this terrible habit. Instead of finishing one of the many many quilts I have on my “in progress” pile, I’ve gone and started a new one.

The new one is going to be King sized. Yup, I definitely think that’s a totally crazy idea, and it certainly wasn’t mine. The other half told me that he is sick of me being a quilt hog in the night and wants me to make a quilt big enough to satisfy my need to be wrapped up while not causing him to freeze to death. So a King sized quilt it is. It’s going to be quite scrappy as I’m insisting on using fabric I already own before buying more. As the fabric I own is mostly in half yard there is going to be a lot of different patterns in this monster of a quilt. It’s also inspired by this utterly gorgeous quilt.



Purple and blue aren’t my usual colours, but since it’s for the bedroom I thought I’d be a little bit nice and not make it excessively feminine. Not sure how well that’s working out, but at least I’m trying.

My other project is making a few cushions for my friend Hannah’s newly redecorated bedroom. Her room is purple and teal so I’m making about 5 cushions for her Christmas present. Here is the front of the first cushions


The cushion is super girly and I’m really quite fond of it, so hopefully my friend will like it too. I used this tutorial and it was really straightforward. I just needed to read through it once and then off I went without needing to refer back.

And finally, I have at last gotten around to taking a photo of my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap that I received last month. I seriously don’t know what happened to last month, or most of this month actually. Life seems to have been placed on fast forward recently. The talented EmmaJ1 was given me as partner and I’m so happy that she was!

I am so lucky, she made me two gorgeous pouches! I also received the quilt square pins and some Heather Ross fabric that isn’t pictured because I’m not braving my stash at the moment (if I open the drawer my mind will start planning new projects and that is simply not allowed). She really got my tastes spot on. The linen, the patchwork squares, and that gorgeous log cabin! She definitely knew what to make me. This was my first swap and I was just so lucky with the partner I made for and the partner who made for me.

This is the inside of the zippered pouch. As you can see it’s already taken its place as my hand sewing pouch. I’ve stuffed it full of thread, hexies and needles. Also, check out the gorgeous Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 fabric on the inside! Oh yes, I’m definitely a lucky girl.


One thought on “Must not start any new projects…

  1. I always have several projects on the go at the same time. This quilt is going to be fab, looking forward to go owing your progress.

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