The Monster Quilt – WIP

I’ve not managed to do much sewing apart from the king sized quilt. I’m trying to do two squares a night after work, which isn’t always working out, but it’s a goal at least. I’ve currently done 12 squares, with 8 still to go. I may not have enough blue and purple fabric in my stash so no doubt there’ll be some fabric shopping come pay day.



The final quilt will be 5 squares across and 4 down. Right now I’ve got 4 down and 3 across. The 3 across is still just going over the side of the bed – so 5 across is going to be perfect!

Each block has one 11inch square in the middle. The next layer contains two 11×3.5inch and two 17×3.5inch rectangles. The final layer has two 17×3.5inch and two 23×3.5inch rectangles. It is seriously eating into my stash, which I love! It’s also getting rid of some fabric I’ve had lying around for ages. See those purple trees? I must have bought those over two years ago when I first started sewing, about 2 yards I think, and they’ve been sitting in my stash not achieving too much ever since. I’m glad they’ve finally found a home because I do still like them.


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