A Finished Project (almost)

The impossible has finally happened. I’ve (nearly) finished a project. Such a rare and welcome event!  My solid random HST quilt top is done.

Before I sewed the top together I was getting nervous. Instead of a sea-like colour scheme I could only think “toothpaste”. That’s never been the look I’ve gone after for any project, let alone one that involved as much effort and faffing around as an entire HST quilt.

(please excuse blurry image, it’s a bit late to go back and re take the picture now)

Once sewn together though it doesn’t look all that bad. I’m really trying not to think “toothpaste”, “minty fresh”, or any other dental idea. The only problem is that now whenever I see the quilt top I have the old Simpson’s quote “dental plan…Lisa needs braces…dental plan” going through my head, which is irritating. Really irritating.

The fabric is from one of Pink Chalk Fabric’s Solids Club deliveries, and I’m really happy to have used them all together in a project. I’m thinking of quilting it by hand since it should keep me warm, which will also give me a couple more weeks until I have to turn the central heating on in my flat.

So with this quilt top done, I feel like I’m finally accomplishing something with my sewing again. As much as I love to start new projects, I need to learn to love finishing old ones too.

In other sewing news, I’ve signed up with Brit Quilt’s latest swap: pillow fight! I’ve submitted my mosaic (see below) and I’m now just waiting for sign ups to close so I can be assigned my partner. There should be some cushion work-in-progress posted here in the near future.

1. Christmas Tree Pillow_1, 2. Christmas Pillows, 3. PTS 5 Complete!, 4. Grey, Aqua, Red, Love in the Mist Block, 5. Wildlife Explosion Pillow, 6. bird on branches (12), 7. Christmas gift pillow, 8. 12 little Christmas trees for Amber, 9. Blocks and Twig orphan block, 10. dqs9n, 11. the big orange wall quilt, 12. Pretty Pouch Swap 2, 13. Pillow Talk Swap – Front, 14. DSCF4163, 15. City Green Front, 16. Cathedral Window pillow


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