Autumn/Winter projects

I’ve got a few projects going on at the moment (oh what a surprise!). The Brit Quilt swap is going well so far. Following stalking of my partner I’ve decided on a half dresden plate on a rectangular cushion. It’s my first ever attempt at a dresden and it’s really straightforward, I’m definitely going to make more of these!

I’ve gone with some solids and Echino fabric. Since taking this picture I’ve also done a little bit of quilting but can’t take a pic just yet as the camera’s batteries have run out. I love doing swaps, it really forces me to think about what I’m doing and put in my best effort. I don’t want to give a stranger a poor attempt, I want them to be happy with what they receive.

Aside from the swap I’ve also been working on the Hexagon Park quilt I mentioned last time. It’s going quite well I think!

Please ignore the poor quality image! Am currently suffering from flu jab side effects and cannot put the energy into getting a decent picture in this light. I’m sure a nicer image will appear once it’s finished!

Apart from the two above, my brain is currently thinking “christmas”. I’ve got some supplies together for making bunting, all I need to do now is cut it out. After that I think some tree decorations may be in order. Fingers crossed that some of these ideas will be sewn soon so I can show you them here.


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