Postie Part 3

My lovely postie returned today with my shipment from Fabricworm.

There’s a fat quarter bundle of some Tina Givens fabric, and three half yards of some of Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom.

There was also some batting delivered but since no one was in to answer the door I need to go and collect it from the post office when I get the chance. Once I get the batting I can finish up my Hope Valley Quilt. So hopefully soon there’ll be some actual crafting going on again here, instead of stroking all the fabric that the postie brings.


2 thoughts on “Postie Part 3

  1. Lovely fabrics….I’ve just spent a pretty penny on some extra lou lou thi prints and background fabric for the Swoon-Along. Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

    • Lou lou thi is beautiful, I bet that’s going to be one stunning Swoon at the end. I’ve been tempted by the Swoon-Along as I love the pattern, but I just can’t get the time together right now. Hopefully by the end of 2012!

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