Hope Valley w.i.p.

I’ve just started quilting my Hope Valley quilt. I was inspired by this by Oh Fransson as the quilting. I’ve quilted the quilt in to quarters, and in each quarter I am quilting labyrinth-like straight lines. So it is slightly different from Oh Fransson’s design. I’m using grey thread for both the front and back.

Please forgive the poor quality photo, it’s pitch black outside and our living room lights just aren’t that bright so the flash was used.

Speaking of the back, I’ve used some Joel Dewberry and Echino. Once the quilt is done (and when there is some natural light) I’ll put up some pictures of both sides.

I’ve also started planning my next project. My brother’s family have just moved house and my sister-in-law has asked for some cushions in warm colours. I’ve pulled out these fabrics as a starting off point

There’s some Domestic Bliss, Lilliput, and Aviary 2. I think there’ll be an autumnal tree cushion and a dresden plate cushion in store for these fabrics.


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