Hope Valley Quilt – the back

Ta-da! I’ve just finished quilting my Hope Valley Quilt! The next step is sort out the binding, although I’m not sure what to use yet so I’ll have to dig around my stash.

Below is the back of the quilt. It was quartered and then each quarter was quilted in a straight line labyrinth style using grey thread for both the front and back.

The finished size is around 60x60inches, so it’ll back a nice addition to my sofa. Once I’ve sorted the binding out I’ll take some photos of the front as well

The final step will be to figure out a name, which I’ve been pretty poor at up until now. I’m trying to figure out a system of how to name quilts, and I’m considering using something from what I was either watching at the time or listening to most. Well during the quilting I was watching some classic Doctor Who (Castrovalva) and listening to the latest Tori Amost album (Night of the Hunters), so maybe one of the two of those will inspire me with a name.


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