Adventures in Paper Piecing

I’ve been using hexagons for paper piecing for a year or so now, and I love it. I love being able to grab a sewing project and sit on the sofa watching tele. I love having a project I can do when my asthma kicks off and the dust from the sewing machine just makes things worse. I just generally all round love it. So I decided to move on from my 2.5inch hexagons and get myself down to the gorgeous little 1inch shapes, which resulted in my buying tiny diamond templates and tiny hexagon templates from The Quilt Room.

Since I haven’t used diamond shapes for paper piecing I decided to go with those and then grab my scrap bag for my first attempt at teeny piecing.

For a first attempt at working with such tiny shapes I’m pretty chuffed with the results.

To get this in perspective I stood back and took a photo from normal height

It’s just so tiny!

Now what to do with this? Well, I’ve decided to embrace my love of tree blocks and Tolkien and make a cushion inspired by the White Tree of Gondor. Of course, it won’t be white, but if it works I could make a wall hanging which is white. So the leaves will be stars in this tree cushion. Woo geekery!


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