99 Bee

I’ve finally got cracking for my blocks for The 99 bee. Throughout the year I’ll be receiving fabrics to make blocks from Modern Blocks, until November when it’ll finally be my turn. January was a bit of a bonus month as the bee was meant to begin in February, so thankfully the person who grabbed January is happy for the blocks to come back to her in February. That’s lucky, because it’s a bloody taxing block!

I’ve tried foundation piecing before, but this was a whole different level of fiddly. I unpicked it so many times, and even accidentally sliced the fabric with my scissors. Unfortunately, the fabric I sliced I needed so I’ve had to order some more so it’ll be another week until the second block is finished. Oooh that was a challenge!

Luckily the February block was lovely and straight forward. It also helped that the grey fabric chosen was just the softest and easiest to work with. I think I may have to invest in a few yards of it for myself one day soon.

Looking at these blocks is tempting me to pick up a bundle of Free Market Fancy when it’s re-released for my November blocks. I’ll naturally pick FMF up anyway, but I think a fat 8th bundle of the whole lot could work on of this bee.

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