I’m baaaack!

Eep, very sorry. I have been away for months! In my defence what a crazy few months. I’ve moved to England now all the way down south, with a new job and a new house. So I’ve been a bit preoccupied to say the least.

The good thing about my new place is that I’ve got my own sewing room. Okay, so it’s a tiny attic space but I quite like it in a kind of Victoria mad woman in the attic type of way.

I’m still sewing, as my Flickr feed can prove, and I’m also swapping. So as a brief reintroduction in to the world of blogging I’m just going to share my mosaic for the Brit Quilt Swap’s round 3.

1. Been playing with EQ6 and ended up with this, 2. Modern Peel, 3. A Quilt in Neutrals, 4. DQS11, the last post, 5. A la manière de Vasarely…, 6. finished – modern drunkard’s path, 7. droplets mini quilt, 8. Blocks and Twig orphan block, 9. P7160073, 10. the big orange wall quilt, 11. dqs9n, 12. single girl – it’s a wrap!, 13. mini quilt, 14. Cathedral Window pillow, 15. framed patchwork,, 16. My lovely PTS4 from Heather, 17. Naked Bed Challenge – Finished Top, 18. “Tiles”, 19. Leaves and squares pillow, 20. Mini quilt monday.3, 21. Mini Quilt, 22. FTLOS Swap – Received 3, 23. My Cathedral window, 24. Mahusive swoon finished, 25. 12 Trees Quilted

I also want to quickly thank/love/adore Narcoleptic in a Cupboard for the Liebster award. I was really touched, and I’m just very sorry that this is the first time I’ve posted since then. I need to do my bit for the award, which I am determined to get done soon!


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