A baby quilt

I started cutting this quilt yesterday and now it is done! That was fast! Ok so it is a teeny baby quilt but still I feel that I’m allowed to be impressed.

I picked up these gorgeous little french fabric squares from the Festival of Quilts with a baby quilt in mind, and the pezza prints seemed to work well with them. I didn’t want a complicated design as I didn’t want to detract from the knight’s tale (ooh maybe that can be the name of the quilt? Chaucer’s too long gone to mind). I originally had a little boy in mind for the quilt (well the first boy to come along as there are a few babies on their way but I don’t know the genders of any of them) but then I realised that there wasn’t anything to say the knight was a boyit could be Brienne from the Song of Ice and Fire books, or Aveline from Dragon Age 2, so it really depends on how traditional vs how geeky the receiving parents are.

The back is some Echino I have had lying around for a couple of years. I’m glad I finally found a home for it.

The quilting is two lines together and one line spaced apart going down, then one line crossing it every third of a block…if that makes sense.

Sorry the pictures suck-I didn’t have the patience to wait for the sun to come back!


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