A baby quilt

I started cutting this quilt yesterday and now it is done! That was fast! Ok so it is a teeny baby quilt but still I feel that I’m allowed to be impressed.

I picked up these gorgeous little french fabric squares from the Festival of Quilts with a baby quilt in mind, and the pezza prints seemed to work well with them. I didn’t want a complicated design as I didn’t want to detract from the knight’s tale (ooh maybe that can be the name of the quilt? Chaucer’s too long gone to mind). I originally had a little boy in mind for the quilt (well the first boy to come along as there are a few babies on their way but I don’t know the genders of any of them) but then I realised that there wasn’t anything to say the knight was a boyit could be Brienne from the Song of Ice and Fire books, or Aveline from Dragon Age 2, so it really depends on how traditional vs how geeky the receiving parents are.

The back is some Echino I have had lying around for a couple of years. I’m glad I finally found a home for it.

The quilting is two lines together and one line spaced apart going down, then one line crossing it every third of a block…if that makes sense.

Sorry the pictures suck-I didn’t have the patience to wait for the sun to come back!


Hope Valley Quilt – the back

Ta-da! I’ve just finished quilting my Hope Valley Quilt! The next step is sort out the binding, although I’m not sure what to use yet so I’ll have to dig around my stash.

Below is the back of the quilt. It was quartered and then each quarter was quilted in a straight line labyrinth style using grey thread for both the front and back.

The finished size is around 60x60inches, so it’ll back a nice addition to my sofa. Once I’ve sorted the binding out I’ll take some photos of the front as well

The final step will be to figure out a name, which I’ve been pretty poor at up until now. I’m trying to figure out a system of how to name quilts, and I’m considering using something from what I was either watching at the time or listening to most. Well during the quilting I was watching some classic Doctor Who (Castrovalva) and listening to the latest Tori Amost album (Night of the Hunters), so maybe one of the two of those will inspire me with a name.

Swaps and a winter quilt

It’s been a hectic mad dash of sewing deadlines these last few weeks. I’ve both sent and received my Brit Quilt Swap, made a purse for the boyfriend’s mum for Christmas, finished a winter quilt top, finished hand quilting my HST quilt, finished one bag for a friend’s sister-in-law, almost finished a bag for my sister-in-law, started a purse for my Grandma, and have been plotting cushions to make for my friend Hannah’s Christmas present. Phew, that’s a lot to do in a short time, and unfortunately I didn’t photograph all of them.

I made my Brit Quilt Swap partner a half Dresden Plate cushion.

It was my first ever Dresden Plate and I really loved making it. It’s such a gorgeous design to play with, and I’m now starting to plan my own Dresden cushion. I used some solids and a bit of Echino fabric in the cushion.

Elizabeth Anne over at Biffs Funky Scrappy Blog made the below cushion for me, and oh I definitely love it!

I wanted something festive and she definitely delivered! Can you see the gorgeous snowflakes quilted in to the white? I’m in love with those snowflakes! Also, those hexies at the bottom are just gorgeous. I love hexies (who doesn’t?) and these are perfect. Finally, check out those moden trees on the left. Oh it’s all perfect. I haven’t taken a picture of the back, but I’m the very lucky owner of a cushion backed with Echino! So I can use the cushion all year round. This swap has definitely been a total success. All the participates were really talented, and it forced me to up my game and put more attention and detail into the cushion that I normally do when it’s just for myself. I think that’s one of my favourite things about swaps – they really force me to be my best and try new techniques and designs. Ha who am I kidding? I also love to receive gorgeous items and loot!

Now for my winter quilt

The quilt top for this is finally finished. I ran out of Sherbet Pips so had to improvise and so popped three squares of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush on the top border. I think they work quilt well with the Pips and don’t look too obvious. Now I just need to wait for some more batting to arrive so I can get on with the quilting. I’m really hoping to get it done before Hannah arrives for Christmas, but that’s really pushing it.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some more photos soon. I’ve still got my HST quilt and some bags to show you. Fingers crossed I can get some more sewing done soon as I’ve been knocked down with my asthma for the past week. Inability to breathe does not mix well with all the dust and fluff that kicks up from sewing.

Not a new project

A couple of months ago I was browsing through the Moda Bake Shop and came across Hexagon Park by Lynne of Lily’s Quilt. I fell in love with the pattern. It had what I wanted at the time: hexagons and a winter feel. Well, being October and snow forecast to hit us in Edinburgh by the end of the month I figured it was time to have a wintery quilt.

I feel a bit bad about this quilt for two reasons. Firstly, I’m using Sherbit Pips just like Lynne used. I generally don’t like using the same fabrics used in patterns because I want to create something of my own even if using somebody else’s instructions. Secondly, ignoring the sashing, I’m only using one fabric range. So ultimately I’m not putting much of my own creativity into this quilt at all.

But boo to that, I’m not going to let it bother me because the quilt Lynne created was just perfect and exactly what I’m after right now.

Also, because I bought the fabric a couple of months ago exactly for this project I’m not counting it as a new project (which I’m currently banned from). See, thinking about a project means it has started!

I’m hoping to have it ready for just before Christmas so it can live on the spare bed in time for my friend Hannah’s visit.


A Finished Project (almost)

The impossible has finally happened. I’ve (nearly) finished a project. Such a rare and welcome event!  My solid random HST quilt top is done.

Before I sewed the top together I was getting nervous. Instead of a sea-like colour scheme I could only think “toothpaste”. That’s never been the look I’ve gone after for any project, let alone one that involved as much effort and faffing around as an entire HST quilt.

(please excuse blurry image, it’s a bit late to go back and re take the picture now)

Once sewn together though it doesn’t look all that bad. I’m really trying not to think “toothpaste”, “minty fresh”, or any other dental idea. The only problem is that now whenever I see the quilt top I have the old Simpson’s quote “dental plan…Lisa needs braces…dental plan” going through my head, which is irritating. Really irritating.

The fabric is from one of Pink Chalk Fabric’s Solids Club deliveries, and I’m really happy to have used them all together in a project. I’m thinking of quilting it by hand since it should keep me warm, which will also give me a couple more weeks until I have to turn the central heating on in my flat.

So with this quilt top done, I feel like I’m finally accomplishing something with my sewing again. As much as I love to start new projects, I need to learn to love finishing old ones too.

In other sewing news, I’ve signed up with Brit Quilt’s latest swap: pillow fight! I’ve submitted my mosaic (see below) and I’m now just waiting for sign ups to close so I can be assigned my partner. There should be some cushion work-in-progress posted here in the near future.

1. Christmas Tree Pillow_1, 2. Christmas Pillows, 3. PTS 5 Complete!, 4. Grey, Aqua, Red, Love in the Mist Block, 5. Wildlife Explosion Pillow, 6. bird on branches (12), 7. Christmas gift pillow, 8. 12 little Christmas trees for Amber, 9. Blocks and Twig orphan block, 10. dqs9n, 11. the big orange wall quilt, 12. Pretty Pouch Swap 2, 13. Pillow Talk Swap – Front, 14. DSCF4163, 15. City Green Front, 16. Cathedral Window pillow

The Monster Quilt – WIP

I’ve not managed to do much sewing apart from the king sized quilt. I’m trying to do two squares a night after work, which isn’t always working out, but it’s a goal at least. I’ve currently done 12 squares, with 8 still to go. I may not have enough blue and purple fabric in my stash so no doubt there’ll be some fabric shopping come pay day.



The final quilt will be 5 squares across and 4 down. Right now I’ve got 4 down and 3 across. The 3 across is still just going over the side of the bed – so 5 across is going to be perfect!

Each block has one 11inch square in the middle. The next layer contains two 11×3.5inch and two 17×3.5inch rectangles. The final layer has two 17×3.5inch and two 23×3.5inch rectangles. It is seriously eating into my stash, which I love! It’s also getting rid of some fabric I’ve had lying around for ages. See those purple trees? I must have bought those over two years ago when I first started sewing, about 2 yards I think, and they’ve been sitting in my stash not achieving too much ever since. I’m glad they’ve finally found a home because I do still like them.

Must not start any new projects…

Oops. I’ve gone and started new projects again! I really must stop this terrible habit. Instead of finishing one of the many many quilts I have on my “in progress” pile, I’ve gone and started a new one.

The new one is going to be King sized. Yup, I definitely think that’s a totally crazy idea, and it certainly wasn’t mine. The other half told me that he is sick of me being a quilt hog in the night and wants me to make a quilt big enough to satisfy my need to be wrapped up while not causing him to freeze to death. So a King sized quilt it is. It’s going to be quite scrappy as I’m insisting on using fabric I already own before buying more. As the fabric I own is mostly in half yard there is going to be a lot of different patterns in this monster of a quilt. It’s also inspired by this utterly gorgeous quilt.



Purple and blue aren’t my usual colours, but since it’s for the bedroom I thought I’d be a little bit nice and not make it excessively feminine. Not sure how well that’s working out, but at least I’m trying.

My other project is making a few cushions for my friend Hannah’s newly redecorated bedroom. Her room is purple and teal so I’m making about 5 cushions for her Christmas present. Here is the front of the first cushions


The cushion is super girly and I’m really quite fond of it, so hopefully my friend will like it too. I used this tutorial and it was really straightforward. I just needed to read through it once and then off I went without needing to refer back.

And finally, I have at last gotten around to taking a photo of my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap that I received last month. I seriously don’t know what happened to last month, or most of this month actually. Life seems to have been placed on fast forward recently. The talented EmmaJ1 was given me as partner and I’m so happy that she was!

I am so lucky, she made me two gorgeous pouches! I also received the quilt square pins and some Heather Ross fabric that isn’t pictured because I’m not braving my stash at the moment (if I open the drawer my mind will start planning new projects and that is simply not allowed). She really got my tastes spot on. The linen, the patchwork squares, and that gorgeous log cabin! She definitely knew what to make me. This was my first swap and I was just so lucky with the partner I made for and the partner who made for me.

This is the inside of the zippered pouch. As you can see it’s already taken its place as my hand sewing pouch. I’ve stuffed it full of thread, hexies and needles. Also, check out the gorgeous Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 fabric on the inside! Oh yes, I’m definitely a lucky girl.

HST Quilt

Yet again I’ve decided to start a new quilt instead of finishing the huge pile clogging up my sewing area. So this is me declaring I will not start a new project until at least one of my in progress projects finishes. I really must stop starting new projects. This new project is an attempt to use one of the solids bundles from the Pink Chalk Solid’s Club. I also thought it would be nifty to make a whole quilt out of random HSTs – inspired by this beauty. I’m sure it will make a lovely small lap quilt at the end of the project, but there are a lot of seams to press until that day!

I think I must be about half way through with the quilt. I have this many squares done

…and this many HSTs still to press and sew

I’m also running behind on the Summer Sampler Series QAL so there is nothing to update on that for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up next week and not get horribly left behind on that.

In more positive news, my pretty {little} pouch swap item has been shipped off to my partner and now I just have to sit tight and hope it arrives in one piece, as well as wait for my own pouch! This is my first swap and I’m loving the whole experience so far. It’s also a wonderful feeling getting your partner commenting on the pouch you’ve made for them, and them loving it. Yes! Now just to hope that she loves it in person.


Well my pretty {little} pouch swap item is now complete. I’ve added a wooden button since taking this photo.

My partner requested a pouch for a specific purpose, so this is what it does. I’ve tested it so it should fit. I’m being cryptic on purpose on the off chance that my partner reads this! It took awhile to put together, with the hand stitching and the hexies (they’re underneath the flap), but I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I especially love some of the solids I used. A few of them came from this month’s Pink Chalk Solids Club and they’re so rich when you see them in person. I think I may make a solid quilt from them. Yes yes I know I keep saying that and chickening out, but right now I’ve got so many solids that it really is necessary.

I’ve also been getting on with the summer quilt along I first mentioned a couple of posts back.

The quilt along is making me want to pick up the book that inspired the series.

My plan for the weekend is to finish quilting my niece’s wall hanging and get on with my friend’s wedding quilt. Unfortunately I’ve got a bad head today (curse you beer for making me this way!) so I won’t be able to start thinking about using the sewing machine until at least this evening.

Summer projects

I’ve been given my partner for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap and I’ve started cutting out hexies using the selection below. My partner requested something specific for the pouch, but seemed easy with regards to colour and designer. The amount of room for manoeuvre that I have is a bit scary, so I hope my choices are okay!

The Summer Sampler Quilt Along is now happening and here is my first block.

I have a stack of yellow and green fabrics for the sampler, and I’m considering making two of each square but I’ll decide once I try the more complicated squares later in the series.

I’ve still not gotten on with my friend’s quilt for her wedding present, instead I decided to put together a mini quilt for my niece as my brother’s family is moving home so she’ll be getting a much bigger room. She’s only 9 months old so I wanted something baby friendly but also something she’ll hopefully still like as a 5 year old one day.
And here are close ups of each section
I had so many stupid little mistakes in the mini quilt. I designed it over a glass of gin. Never try figure out measurements when you’re drinking gin! So it didn’t meet up properly as the width was too short my half an inch, hence why the border around each central piece is wider on the sides than on the top and bottom. Then I had to unpick it again when my sister in law said she preferred the central pieces in a different order. Then I tried to quilt it on my mum’s mid-arm quilting frame, since I thought it would be neater, but then it kept going wrong so I had to give up on that idea (turned out the machine just needing an oiling). So the above mini quilt has been a pain, and it’s not finished yet as it needs quilting still, but I am quite fond of it.