I’m baaaack!

Eep, very sorry. I have been away for months! In my defence what a crazy few months. I’ve moved to England now all the way down south, with a new job and a new house. So I’ve been a bit preoccupied to say the least.

The good thing about my new place is that I’ve got my own sewing room. Okay, so it’s a tiny attic space but I quite like it in a kind of Victoria mad woman in the attic type of way.

I’m still sewing, as my Flickr feed can prove, and I’m also swapping. So as a brief reintroduction in to the world of blogging I’m just going to share my mosaic for the Brit Quilt Swap’s round 3.

1. Been playing with EQ6 and ended up with this, 2. Modern Peel, 3. A Quilt in Neutrals, 4. DQS11, the last post, 5. A la manière de Vasarely…, 6. finished – modern drunkard’s path, 7. droplets mini quilt, 8. Blocks and Twig orphan block, 9. P7160073, 10. the big orange wall quilt, 11. dqs9n, 12. single girl – it’s a wrap!, 13. mini quilt, 14. Cathedral Window pillow, 15. framed patchwork,, 16. My lovely PTS4 from Heather, 17. Naked Bed Challenge – Finished Top, 18. “Tiles”, 19. Leaves and squares pillow, 20. Mini quilt monday.3, 21. Mini Quilt, 22. FTLOS Swap – Received 3, 23. My Cathedral window, 24. Mahusive swoon finished, 25. 12 Trees Quilted

I also want to quickly thank/love/adore Narcoleptic in a Cupboard for the Liebster award. I was really touched, and I’m just very sorry that this is the first time I’ve posted since then. I need to do my bit for the award, which I am determined to get done soon!


January’s over!

Small Blog Meet

Oh what a month. I really dug in to sewing last month.

I started and nearly finished a quilt (just need to bind it)

I started a new bee

I got stuck in to a swap

I started making cushions for my sister in law

I started paper piecing diamonds in to stars

And I started using up scraps for a possible future scrappy Mondrian Block quilt.

Sheesh! I think February may have to be a month of finishing off and not new projects!

99 Bee

I’ve finally got cracking for my blocks for The 99 bee. Throughout the year I’ll be receiving fabrics to make blocks from Modern Blocks, until November when it’ll finally be my turn. January was a bit of a bonus month as the bee was meant to begin in February, so thankfully the person who grabbed January is happy for the blocks to come back to her in February. That’s lucky, because it’s a bloody taxing block!

I’ve tried foundation piecing before, but this was a whole different level of fiddly. I unpicked it so many times, and even accidentally sliced the fabric with my scissors. Unfortunately, the fabric I sliced I needed so I’ve had to order some more so it’ll be another week until the second block is finished. Oooh that was a challenge!

Luckily the February block was lovely and straight forward. It also helped that the grey fabric chosen was just the softest and easiest to work with. I think I may have to invest in a few yards of it for myself one day soon.

Looking at these blocks is tempting me to pick up a bundle of Free Market Fancy when it’s re-released for my November blocks. I’ll naturally pick FMF up anyway, but I think a fat 8th bundle of the whole lot could work on of this bee.

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Adventures in Paper Piecing

I’ve been using hexagons for paper piecing for a year or so now, and I love it. I love being able to grab a sewing project and sit on the sofa watching tele. I love having a project I can do when my asthma kicks off and the dust from the sewing machine just makes things worse. I just generally all round love it. So I decided to move on from my 2.5inch hexagons and get myself down to the gorgeous little 1inch shapes, which resulted in my buying tiny diamond templates and tiny hexagon templates from The Quilt Room.

Since I haven’t used diamond shapes for paper piecing I decided to go with those and then grab my scrap bag for my first attempt at teeny piecing.

For a first attempt at working with such tiny shapes I’m pretty chuffed with the results.

To get this in perspective I stood back and took a photo from normal height

It’s just so tiny!

Now what to do with this? Well, I’ve decided to embrace my love of tree blocks and Tolkien and make a cushion inspired by the White Tree of Gondor. Of course, it won’t be white, but if it works I could make a wall hanging which is white. So the leaves will be stars in this tree cushion. Woo geekery!

Hope Valley Quilt – the back

Ta-da! I’ve just finished quilting my Hope Valley Quilt! The next step is sort out the binding, although I’m not sure what to use yet so I’ll have to dig around my stash.

Below is the back of the quilt. It was quartered and then each quarter was quilted in a straight line labyrinth style using grey thread for both the front and back.

The finished size is around 60x60inches, so it’ll back a nice addition to my sofa. Once I’ve sorted the binding out I’ll take some photos of the front as well

The final step will be to figure out a name, which I’ve been pretty poor at up until now. I’m trying to figure out a system of how to name quilts, and I’m considering using something from what I was either watching at the time or listening to most. Well during the quilting I was watching some classic Doctor Who (Castrovalva) and listening to the latest Tori Amost album (Night of the Hunters), so maybe one of the two of those will inspire me with a name.

Hope Valley w.i.p.

I’ve just started quilting my Hope Valley quilt. I was inspired by this by Oh Fransson as the quilting. I’ve quilted the quilt in to quarters, and in each quarter I am quilting labyrinth-like straight lines. So it is slightly different from Oh Fransson’s design. I’m using grey thread for both the front and back.

Please forgive the poor quality photo, it’s pitch black outside and our living room lights just aren’t that bright so the flash was used.

Speaking of the back, I’ve used some Joel Dewberry and Echino. Once the quilt is done (and when there is some natural light) I’ll put up some pictures of both sides.

I’ve also started planning my next project. My brother’s family have just moved house and my sister-in-law has asked for some cushions in warm colours. I’ve pulled out these fabrics as a starting off point

There’s some Domestic Bliss, Lilliput, and Aviary 2. I think there’ll be an autumnal tree cushion and a dresden plate cushion in store for these fabrics.

Postie Part 3

My lovely postie returned today with my shipment from Fabricworm.

There’s a fat quarter bundle of some Tina Givens fabric, and three half yards of some of Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom.

There was also some batting delivered but since no one was in to answer the door I need to go and collect it from the post office when I get the chance. Once I get the batting I can finish up my Hope Valley Quilt. So hopefully soon there’ll be some actual crafting going on again here, instead of stroking all the fabric that the postie brings.

More Swaps

I’ve just gone and joined another swap. That brings me to a total of two swaps and one bee so far this year.  I can smell a fun crafty year ahead! The new swap is Mouthy Stitches, and is zippy purse swap. I really enjoyed taking part in the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap last year, so I’m looking forward to swapping with this new group. I’ve also put together the below mosaic together for the swap.

1. Front, 2. DSCF4163, 3. Box Pouch Side 2, 4. P7160073, 5. PLPS3 finished (1), 6. Appletree pouche – PLPS, 7. Pretty {little} Pouch complete!, 8. Not available, 9. Pretty Little Pouch Swap, 10. Abstract no.6, 11. Progress so far, 12. PLPS3 Received! From jednoiglec!, 13. finished – modern drunkard’s path, 14. Pretty {Little} Pouch Swap – front, 15. Finished rainbow mug rug, 16. SUTK Swap


Fabric…oh my

I popped in to John Lewis this morning to pick up some purple fabric for the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Charm Swap. I’ve really struggled to find any purple fabric in the UK. I did come across some Tufted Tweets, but I have used a lot of that already in the past year or so. I still love Tufted Tweets, I just wanted something different. Even in John Lewis I only found one purple fabric

This is Autumn Medley in Grape by Martha Negley. The next thing for me to do this weekend is chop it in to 56 5inch squares.

Unfortunately, having to go in to John Lewis to pick up the above fabric meant that I bumped in to their sale. Oh dear. I wasn’t expecting it as I thought it had probably finished, but when I got to the haberdashery and saw all the clearance labels on Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry I did get somewhat over excited. I started picking up bolts and putting them down. I managed to settle on one metre of the damask below, and two metres of the other fabric. I could have easily picked up more, but I have bills to pay and I’ve already spent a crazy amount of fabric this month. The sale fabric was £5.10 per metre. You can’t argue with results!

Speaking of spending two much on fabric, this arrived once I got back from town

It’s my shipment from The Intrepid Thread. But just look what was inside this beautiful packaging!

That’s a half yard bundle of Domestic Bliss, as well as two extra charm squares she added in for free and a thank you card! How wonderful and lovely is that! Oh I’ve found another favourite fabric shop.

There’s still one more package to arrive from Fabricworm. I think I may have gone fabric crazy this month…

In other news, I have joined a bee for the year. My first bee! It’s called The 99 and it’s based on blocks from Modern Blocks. I’m really looking forward to this new experience and I hope it pushes me to improve just as the swaps from 2011 have. My month isn’t until November so I’ve got plenty of time to decide on a block.

Lovely Postie

My first post Christmas fabric delivery has arrived!
There’s one yard of some Nani Iro and half a yard each of a Melody Miller and an Echino. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it once I finish stroking the fabric like a crazy person, but I can’t wait for inspiration to strike!

I’ ve still got a couple more packages on their way to me so it’s going to be a good month. Especially since I also joined the rainbow charm swap (link is on the right).